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"Warren- the best producer / fixer I have ever worked with. And one of the nicest humans you could ever want to meet."

Kit Lynch-Robinson

"Want to again thank you and your entire team of rockstars for the stellar work on this one. Remote shoots are always a bit up in the air, so really appreciate you all crushing it the way you did. Hope we get to collab on another one sooner than later! ."

Kylie Scott 

Fortunately, I had Warren on my team. It quickly became apparent that he is THE MAN – the man to sort stuff. From location recces, prop hunting, traffic wrangling, Client placating... Warren proved invaluable.
I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an experienced, capable and clever person that will 100% commit themselves to any task assigned them.
Too bad I couldn’t bring him back to New Zealand with me but our bio-security protocols wouldn’t allow it!"

Blu Steven / WANTED

For our BORK project we where looking for some really unique views of Sydney.

Our client was very demanding in his requirement to achieve something special that would align with his brand in Russia. Thanks to Warren and his crew we 

could pull it all off and in no time. Our client was very pleased by the result and so am I.

Thanks Warren for all your support and passion you put into our project.

Fritz Flieder. 

"Warren was a great asset to our team. While we contracted him to scout and manage locations for our international TVC he did so much more. He stepped in to help wherever it was needed and did so with grace and humility. He was flexible and accommodating as plans changed, and was a patient, personable and supportive member of the crew. He did whatever it took to get us the results we needed. We will be using him again."

Gavin Banks

"Hi Warren. A long overdue THANK YOU. You and the crew were  incredible, I am so grateful for everything you did to pull off the shoot and make everything run so smoothly. If I can ever provide a recommendation or help in any other way, do let me know. I hope our paths cross again, hopefully in person in Australia next time!

 And this quote from one of the guest journalists we interviewed:  "I spent two hours being interviewed by CNN’s documentary makers a couple of weeks ago and have never seen such a professional TV operation in action."

Erica Sashin / LEFT/RIGHT New York 

"I had a fantastic experience working with Warren.  My 'Air Canada' job went to Australia back in January, and Warren was with us every step of the way, from pulling location mood boards, suggesting approaches and alternatives to my Director and me, and then hitting the ground running, when we arrived.  We were in Sydney for about 6-7 days and Warren professional and detail-oriented approach made us feel relaxed and well taken care of.  We found MANY great locations for our shoot, got a great crew, and were covered with additional insurance and permits, as needed.  In the end, we had a very successful shoot and my agency and Air Canada clients were thrilled with the spot we shot."

Rob Jacklin

Steam Films USA

"I frequently use Warren in many capacities – line producer, locations and as a producer. He has worked for me on numerous productions in Sydney and Melbourne. He has a lovely demeanour, is reliable and trustworthy and is also very profitable – which is important in this day and age.
I've also worked with Warren numerous times in South America – where he facilitated the entire production: locations, casting, agency/client travel, etc.
I’d highly recommend Warren and would be happy for anyone to contact me directly to discuss further."
Roy De Giorgio

"I think the test of a great producer is seeing how they work when absolutely everything is conspiring to go wrong around them. That is when true colours are shown. Warren made the complicated look simple and the 486 headaches that the job offered up seem painless. When the proverbial is hitting the fan you need someone with a level head, experience and a knack of creating simple solutions that won’t compromise the job. Warren is that guy".


Producer // Fixer // Locations

 Sydney // Australia

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