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© 2019 Aussie Fixer | Warren Keuning

Credit: Line Producer/Location Manager       

Client: Tourism Australia ft Chris Hemsworth                                   

Production Company: Finch

Location: Nationwide Australia

If you are looking for a producer, fixer, location scout or general film production support in Australia, Warren has the experience and skills to; budget, research, scout, permit and execute any size project. He's a producer that reduces unnecessary costs and always delivers quality service within the proposed budget. He is more than the definition of a true 'fixer', he is a WEAPON, nothing is impossible, and will not rest until the job is done perfectly. No errors - No excuses

His knowledge of film production has come from over 2 decades of hands-on experience, creating hundreds of industry contacts all around the world. Based in Sydney, Australia, he has traveled the globe and also lived and worked for many years in South America so is 100% fluent in Spanish.

Credit: Producer / Fixer / Locations      

Client: Great Northern Brewing Co               

Production Company: //Thirteen & Co

Location: Far North Queensland, Australia

Production Company: The Precinct

Location: NSW, NT & SA, Australia

Credit: Producer / Fixer / Locations      

Client: Land Rover ft. Craig, Sally & James               

Credit: Producer / Fixer       

Client: Paspaley                

Production Company: //Thirteen & Co

Location: WA & NT, Australia

Credit: Producer / Fixer / Locations    

Client: TAB (Shot on 16mm)             

Production Company: //Thirteen & Co

Location: NSW, VIC and QLD, Australia. 

Credit: Producer / Fixer / Locations    

Client: Bork  - Russia             

Production Company: It's Us - Germany

Location: Sydney, Australia. 

Credit: Producer / Fixer / Locations    

Client: Carlsberg ft. Penelope Cruz              

Production Company: Luscious Int.

Location: Brisbane, Australia

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 Location Scouting Photo: 'Ghosties' Beach, NSW, Australia.